Psychiatry is the branch of medicine that focuses on mental health. During an assessment with me, we will discuss whether treatment with medication is right for you or not. This decision is ultimately personal and together we can determine whether you would benefit from pharmacotherapy to address issues such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, insomnia or simply going through a challenging time. 
I usually recommend ongoing psychotherapy for all my patients as this has been proven to be most effective than either therapy or medication alone.  If you are currently being seen by a  therapist I can work with you in handling the medication aspect of your treatment. My psychiatry practice style includes taking the time to listen and learn more about you. I often recommend  lifestyle changes that will support you in the development of healthier and more adaptive life skills.
My primary approach to therapy is through a psychodynamic perspective, meaning that most of what we think or believe and the way our minds work is hidden under the surface or unconscious. These beliefs influence our behavior and the way we make decisions. Increasing our awareness and understanding of the way our mind works allows us to have more freedom of choice and break free from repetitive patterns.

These patterns are often rooted in the past and out of our awareness. When our ways of dealing with life remain out of our awareness we are bound to repeat patterns that might no longer serve us. Together we can work in creating a space of openness and curiosity to bring attention and increase your understanding of situations that might be causing unnecessary suffering in your life. My goal is to help you find a healthier way to deal with life’s challenges so that you can create a life that is engaging and meaningful. In my clinical practice I also draw from my long term experience with meditation and mindfulness practice. 
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